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Welcome to our Fashion Blog. This fashion blog has been developed so that you can learn more about style, clothing, and fashion accessories. If you enjoy fashion or the apparel industry in general, we hope you enjoy our fashion blog.

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Welcome to our Fashion Blog.

From our fashion blog you will learn more about clothing, style, and fashion accessories. We will report on women's fashion, men's fashion, and children's fashion. We will discuss fashion events such as fashion week, provide fashion news and information regarding fashion jobs. If you work in the fashion industry or are a consumer of fashion, we hope that you will find our fashion blog to be enjoyable.

Fashion for life.

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The Apparel Search Company has launched a new fashion blog last month. The company already has a few style blogs such as,,, and a few others. However, this new one is directly part of the main directory website.

Please visit the new fashion blog at when you have a moment to review.

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Here are a few more of our new fashion websites created during the summer of 2011.

This first group is based on location:

India Fashion

Hong Kong Fashion

China Clothing Factories

New York Fashion Incubator

NY Fashion

LA Fashion

The following websites are regarding the new +1 and social networking services from Google. We have created these sites to help members of the fashion industry learn more about some of the new features.

Join My Circle

Join My Circles

Grow Circles

Fashion Sparks

Fashion Hangouts

Fashion Circles

Fashion Streams

If you utilize all of the resources above, it is possible that you will have many of the tools to develop your own Lifestyle Fashion Brand (if that is what you would like to achieve).

Return to the 1st part of this fashion website series.

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I have been busy this summer creating a few new websites. As always, my sites are relevant to fashion. However, this time I did make a few new ones that are NOT entirely about fashion. Some of them are, but some this time have only minor reference. I will explain below.

Here are the new "fashion" relevant sites:

Women's Fashion Review

Fashion Articles

Baseball Hat

Designer Fashion Club

Designer Fashion Boutique

Apparel Pages

Fashion Industry Apps

Here are fashion relevant sites because textiles is relevant to fashion:

Cotton Price

Wool Prices

Nylon Prices

Polyester Prices

Silk Prices

Yarn Prices

We have made additional sites and I will add them as part two of this two part fashion blog series.

Visit the next part of this fashion website series.

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Are you familiar with fashion polls or fashion industry polls? In summary, polls are surveys of how people think about a particular subject. In this case, the subject is fashion or the fashion industry.

In regard to Fashion Industry Polls, the polls are in regard to issues that are relevant to the fashion industry. This can be a very broad spectrum which may include clothing, style, beauty products, modeling, fashion photography, trends, issues relevant to stylists, etc. Anything regarding apparel, fabrics, and textile fibers, would also fall into the bucket.

Learn more about fashion industry polls and fashion polls on Apparel Search.

Here are a few examples of polls about fashion issues:

Should school dress codes require uniforms?
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
What is your favorite fashion store?
Do you prefer shopping in a department store or fashion boutique?
Do you prefer to shop in a store or online for clothing?
Does country of origin of the clothing influence your buying decision?

When purchasing clothing does the brand matter?
Should wedding dresses always be white?

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Shirt Dress Collection from Derek Lam 2011

“Crowdsourcing with eBay created an incredibly unique opportunity to have a direct dialogue with shoppers around the world—and the community interest in helping influence the DEREK LAM + eBay collection has been phenomenal,” said Derek Lam. “The winning dresses represent essential styles that are effortless, yet playful, and are iconic silhouettes for the spring/summer season.”

Designer Derek Lam and eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace and a leading U.S. destination for fashion, introduce the first-ever crowdsourced collection—DEREK LAM + eBay—available for purchase starting today, May 10 at XX EST/XX PST.

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Fashion Week China is an important fashion event for the international fashion industry and for fashion consumers around the world.

China Fashion Week was establishment in 1997. For each China Fashion Week, more than 200 media and 600 journalists will be attracted for the reports.

Learn more about China Fashion Week from the Apparel Search directory.

Visit the Fashion Week China website.

I hope that this helps you learn more about China Fashion Week and fashion from China.

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Have you heard of ShopSense for fashion shopping?

You can find trendy fashion for women and men.

ShopStyle carries thousands of brands from hundreds of leading fashion, beauty, home, and baby and kids online retailers.

Women's Jeans  Women's Dresses  Lingerie  Women's Skirts  Women's Shorts  Women's Shirts  Women's Shoes  Handbags  Women's Jackets  Women's Sweaters  Women's Suits  Kids Fashion

Give it a try.

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